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Komplex Kai

Komplex Kai ( Kisar Jones-Fryberg), is a proud member of the Northwestern Pacific’s Tulalip Tribes. The rapper has been described by The Seattle Times as a Native American “Tupac” who weaves classic west coast beats with raw east coast lyrical tones within his music. His hip-hop name refers to a young man who embraces all the complexities of the world around him.


Komplex Kai’s work is inspired by what he experienced while growing up on the Tulalip Indian Reservation; growing up as an Indigenous person in a modern world, the pain of being raised without his father, and eventually, becoming a father. Of the many reasons Kai feels compelled to create, that of leaving a musical legacy for his children is a driving force within him.


Earlier works by this artist include “About the Rez”, which was a call to the youth around him to embrace their indigenous identities. Locally this song has been often dubbed the Tulalip Anthem. It was followed by “Perfect World”, “Invisible Race”, and “What’s Done Is Done”. On his current release, “Do Right”, Komplex Kai’s timing could not have been more on point in regard to the ongoing protests in progress at North Dakota’s Standing Rock.


This wordsmith’s past appearances include performances at the annual Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, WA, the Tulalip Amphitheater, and he’s a frequently featured act on the stage of the Canoes Cabaret Lounge in the Tulalip Resort Casino. The Hibulb Cultural Center & Natural History Preserve’s Tulalip Tribes Museum (the first Tribal facility certified by the Washington state) recently honored Komplex Kai by requesting to feature his music in their upcoming film about one of the Tulalip Tribe’s first chiefs.


 Engaging in local rap battles as a boy this now fully grown man, to the delight of his fans, hosts a popular weekly hip-hop show on his YouTube channel ( titled “Freestyle Friday”. Spitting his smooth flow fire atop of komplex beats is what’s on the menu he serves up on each weekend segment.


Komplex Kai shares his thoughts on Do Right about his successes and failures of trying to the right thing while accomplishing his dreams. This is his formal invitation to those who are brave enough to come onboard with him and to take the ride that’s been his life.

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